Carol McFadden

By Ben Gurglebop

Amsterdam Cinema by Carol McFadden & Thor McFadden. Going to the cinemas is one of the favorite local pastimes of Amsterdammers and should not be missed when youre a visiting tourist. Amsterdammers are so adamant about their love for cinema that theyve even sponsored many of the major film festivals such as the Cinekid Festival and the International Documentary Film Festival. Amsterdam has a great love for independent films evident in the numerous cinemas found in the area, most having great ambiance and historical significance such as the elegant Path Tuschinski, the Het Ketelhuis, Pathe de Munt an Rialto Filmtheater. They also have a movie house which is run by students, the Kriterion. Vondelpark also houses the Film Museum which is open year round to show many art films and classic movies. Although theres a language barrier involved, it is recommended that you sit through a Dutch film just to get a feel for their local art, or you can also opt to see Hollywood films in the several cinemas which offer them. The love for movies is so obvious here that even a simple experience should be worth your while.

Why Amsterdams Centrum is Worth the Visit

Centrum encapsulates everything Amsterdam has to offer. For example, one of the four palaces which Queen Beatrix of Neverlands uses alternately is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam found at its Centrum. The palace is again open to visitors since early last year, so one can visit the central hall where loyalty constantly walks. Theres also Bloemenmarkt, considered as the worlds only floating flower market. Tourists will also love the different souvenirs found at the market for affordable rates. Next, check out the Van Gogh Museum where this Dutch Painters largest collection of works is found. Aside from the main museum, Centrum also has many museums hidden in its canals, small museums which are kept by private residences and other small organizations also worth the visit. Theres also Anne Franks House in Prisengracht 263 where she lived in the hidden room until their family was found and led to concentration camps. Centrum has so many shops and restaurants to stop by in along the way, so be sure to bring lots of pocket money and a ravenous stomach along the way.

Taking a One-Day tour at Zaanse Schans

Just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam proper, Zaanse Schans is a great village to visit for those looking for a bygone era in Amsterdam and Dutch history. There are so many details in this town that show remnants of it as an old 17th century industrial village from the clog workshop, the still working windmills which allow visitors in on selected days and the cheese factory. The cheese factory gives out several samples of their cheese for tourists to taste. To get to Zaanse Schans, one can take the train going to Koog Zaandjik which will take you to its town proper, after which Zaanse Schans is only 10 minutes away by foot, or one can bike going there. Zaanse Schans is best conquered on a one-day escapade but if one insists in staying there, the only available accommodation is at the Hotel Sans Pareil. The Museum Zaans is another must-visit as it encapsulates the history of the whole village from its factories to its local customs.

Sandy Escapades on the Beaches of Amsterdam

Whether youre a party girl or a relaxed dinette, there are so many options in Amsterdam to accommodate everyone. There are many beaches down at the North Coast that is convenient to go to via public transportation or even via a short leisurely drive with friends. In North Amsterdam you will find the beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort waiting with great pavilions to hang out in. There are over 40 pavilions in the area which are used to house the bars and restaurants for the partygoers. Bloemendaal is by far the most popular among partygoers with live music, DJs and a Bohemian lifestyle. On the other hand, there are other beaches in Amsterdam which are less crowded and great for overall relaxation such as Egmond aan Zee, Castricum and Schoorl. The nearest beach from the village is Egmond aan Zee and its also convenient to many of the shops in Amsterdam. Check out Amsterdams online website for a complete set of their beach choices.


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